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Delicious Craft Beef Jerky

AC's Yummy Jerky, LLC in Statesville, North Carolina, makes all of our jerky from whole strips of steak that have marinated for at least 48 hours, giving each piece an amazing full body of flavor. We slice the jerky thinly so that each piece melts in your mouth. We only use the best beef in our jerky, so it has no nitrites, and we make gluten-free jerky that is available in our regular flavor. Our jerky can be purchased at retail locations in North and South Carolina, and we ship nationwide so that you can get our savory treats delivered right to your door. Our jerky is available in a wide variety of flavors, including:

• Regular
• Hot

• Peppered
• Barbeque

• Teriyaki
• Cajun

• Spicy Honey Barbeque
• Wild West

Specialty & Variety Packs

You can have a delicious pack of any of our jerky flavors delivered right to your door to satisfy your cravings. We offer single-flavor packs or half a pound of delectable jerky. But we also understand that sometimes one flavor just isn't enough, that's why our sampler carton allows you to try all eight of our flavors at once.

Our jerky also makes a great gift for birthdays and holidays too! We have seasonal packages for holidays like Christmas or Father's Day.

Wild West Flavor
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